My love of furniture and starting to find many of the best pieces I have painstakingly searched for, used or desperate to use in the near future for the many interior design projects I have managed or been involved with, led me to start Amber and Ellis.  With my very efficient friend Ellis,  whilst I carried on with my flair.  But a small selection of my interior design projects which have incorporated some of these pieces I have added here.  I regularly update them so although there may not be many to look at each time - that's because Ellis is always updating and there are many more to replace these.

I couldn't possibly show you the whole project - that would be giving too much away : )  

But please have a sneak, ask thro the comments page, so I can reply, as I am always here to offer some free advice of where and what would suit where and everywhere.....

Just because I love interior design and making your room love you.



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